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Tony Hawk Joins The Sandbox



Tony Hawk, one of the most iconic skateboarders of all time, revealed in a recent press release that he has teamed with the Sandbox. Tony Hawk Land is going to be the greatest virtual skatepark that has ever been created, and its construction is the goal of this project. In addition to the skatepark, a Tony Hawk 3D avatar collection will be available.

The Sandbox, Tony Hawk Inc., and Autograph, with whom Tony has previously collaborated, are working together on this project in three-way cooperation.

Tony Hawk is a legendary figure in the sport of skateboarding and an entrepreneur who has won the World Skateboard Championships a record 12 times in a row. He should require no introduction. The fact that his computer game, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, has made more than $1.4 billion in sales attests to his capabilities as an entrepreneur.

They intend to build the metaverse skatepark on a 6×6 plot of land in the Sandbox; hence, it will be known as “The largest virtual skatepark that has ever been created.” The resources necessary for players to design their own ramps and skating challenges, as well as gain digital gear, will be made available to them as part of the functionality of the game itself.

Tony Hawk explains his motivation for his most recent endeavor into Web3 in the press release.

“I have been a fan of new technology throughout my entire life, beginning with the earliest video games and home computers with CGI capabilities. Because of this, I am captivated by the Metaverse, and I am delighted to introduce our culture into the virtual terrain of The Sandbox,”

The Sandbox is a Minecraft-like virtual world that was constructed on the Ethereum blockchain. This subsidiary of Animoca Brands is known as The Sandbox. The game platform in the Metaverse is sometimes characterized as a combination of a virtual amusement park and a virtual piece of real estate. It gives players the ability to buy virtual lands, construct on those lands, and earn cryptocurrency through their gameplay.


Tony Hawk is seen by The Sandbox as the ideal partner to add to the more than 300 projects, which already include Snoop Dogg, that are hosted on the site.

“We share his love for invention, creativity, and the ambition to continually create something: this is the energy that propels our entertainment metaverse,” said Sebastian Borget, COO of Sandbox and co-founder of the company. There is no other approach that would be more effective in bringing the culture of skateboarding to The Sandbox.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, The Sandbox will render all NFTs and digital hardware compatible with one another within the Sandbox Metaverse. They will create voxel replicas of the accompanying 3D avatar NFTs in order to use them. The 3D voxel versions are said to feature in-game capabilities for experiences, adding utility and value for their owners, as stated in the press release.

Previous collaborations between Tony Hawk and the NFT platform Autograph have taken place. Tom Brady has a minority stake in the company Autograph, which specializes in selling memorabilia associated to notable athletes such as Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, and Wayne Gretsky. Brady has a hand in running the business.

Autograph is going to build a collection of Tony Hawk 3D avatars, together with some of his most iconic skateboards, digital gear, and costumes, so that they may be used in the largest skate park in the virtual world.

One of the non-fiction books in the collection, a digital reproduction of the skateboard he used to compete in the X Games in 1999, is likely to be valued more than the others. It was the first time that anyone had landed a 900, which is considered to be one of the most difficult tricks in skating. This event will be remembered forever in the annals of skateboarding history.

Dillon Rosenblatt, the co-founder and CEO of Autograph, remarked that they were “thrilled to be collaborating with Tony Hawk and the Sandbox” once again in order to create one-of-a-kind virtual experiences within the Metaverse skatepark.


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