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VeChain Foundation Offers $30,000 for Each Developer



In a move to help improve the struggling environment, The VeChain Foundation has offered $30,000 in funding for any willing developers who want to migrate their projects over.

In an effort to get their blockchain back on track, Terra has been devising a number of schemes. In 2017 they created two tokens that were meant as alternatives for users who wanted more anonymity or flexibility when trading their cryptocurrency online. These eventually crashed due to the Rogers’ Security breach which led them out of business altogether before launching LUNA and UST with fully backed collateral chains rather than just one token per chain like other networks do today.

The founder of Terra, Do Kwon is suggesting that hard Forking be done in order to solve problems with blockchain scalability, but CZ CEO, Changpeng Zhao, says this won’t work because it would create an altcoin instead.

The VeChain Foundation has released a statement saying that the developers who are no longer happy with their projects should choose them without hesitation.



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