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This week the NFT collection of digital art with the most sales activity in 1st place is The absolutely elegant collection of Here’s a replica of one of their unique pieces of artwork from their collection, goblintown #7758.

Goblintown #7758 is available for purchase right now at a price that cannot equal the value of its originality. #7758 is currently being offered at ETH 4.75 ($8,464.59). This collectible generated sales for the week totaling ETH 548.36 ($970,076.26). The floor price. for entrance to their digital world of mischief, is ETH 4.5 ($7,960.72) down from 6.7 ($11,852.64)the previous week. The collection contains 10,000 unique works of digital art, disbursed between a group of owners numbering about 4600.

Taking 2nd place is an up-and-coming collection titled Based Ghouls. Base Ghouls has arrived with a resounding bang of artistry. The collection garnered a volume of sales totaling ETH 533.94 ($944,566.56). the floor price to enter their ghoul world is ETH 0.12 ($212.29). I discovered a piece from their collection that couldn’t be rivaled Base Ghoul 4469.

Base Ghoul selling window will end on August 31st. This piece is currently seeing a ETH 0.101 ($176.67) bid. The collection contains 5,835 unique items shared among 2,600 owners.

Third place has been won by the impeccable collection named We Are All Going To Die. This defining collection produced sales for the week totaling a volume of ETH 502.43 ($888,823.79). The floor price for membership to this uplifting digital world is ETH 0.83 ($1,468.31). We Are All Going To Die #4889 tickled my fancy, it was love at first sight.

You can call this distinguished item of uniqueness your very own if you’re willing to part with ETH 0.969 ($1,690.90). This collection has 6,666 individual unique items, with 3,114 owners.

Coming in 4th place is the mfer collection. A highly desired piece from their collection, #5357 can be purchased for ETH 1.79 ($3,086.19).


The collection has 10,021 items dispersed through a network of 5,549 owners. The floor price for this collection is ETH 1.55 ($2742.03). This week the collection managed to accumulate a trading volume of ETH 484.73 ($857,511.61).

Last but not least taking 5th place this week is Otherdeed for Otherside. This futuristic collection of technological digital art amassed a trading volume this week of ETH 483.453 ($855,252.53) at the time of this writing. The floor price for the Otherdeed for Otherside collection is ETH 2.48 ($4,387.24). One of the more spectacular pieces in this collection is Otherdeed for Otherside #83210.

This dazzling demonstration of digital artistry is seeing a bid valued at APE 500 ($2,670.00)This bid has met the current floor price and is unlikely to sell at APE 500.

ApeCoin sits at 37 on the list of cryptos based on its current market cap of $1.6 billion. ApeCoin (APE) is an ERC-20 token that plays a role in the APE ecosystem. ApeCoin holders can use their tokens to participate in the ApeCoin DAO, which governs the ecosystem. Additionally, ApeCoin can be used to access games, merchandise, events, and services. In addition to being used for governance and access to goods and services, ApeCoin will also be used as a currency within the ecosystem. This will allow holders to use ApeCoin to buy and sell items and services within the community. ERC-20 tokens are digital assets that are built on the Ethereum blockchain. They are often used to raise funds for projects  through initial coin offerings (ICOs). ERC-20 tokens can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Since the creation of the ERC-20 platform its usefulness  continues to increas within the cryptocurrency markets. ICOs are a type of crowdfunding that allows organizations to raise capital by selling tokens. The ERC-20 has evolved greatly from its inception and now is a integral part of the NFT marketplace. As Ethereum evolves we will surely see more functionality within the crypto community from the ERC-20 platform

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