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Despite all that is going on around the globe economically,  NFT projects continue to gain more popularity and value. The amount of NFTs that have been brought to market from the onset of 2022 has doubled the number of projects created in 2021. The NFT space’s growth has been nothing short of amazing. As we engage and research this digital investment opportunity we can start to appreciate the dominance of certain collections, as they continually appear on our aggregation of Top 5 NFT projects. We’ll give you a rundown on the hottest and most prolific platforms of this week. We’ll familiarize you with the prices of pieces from these collections and allow you to view a unique item from each platform as well.

Capturing 5th place in this week’s Top 5 NFT projects is Moonbirds. Moonbirds is no stranger to the bright lights and has captured a place in the Top 5 often. This week the Moonbirds NFT project accumulated a total sales Volume of ETH 3091.98 ($5,869,196.436). There are 10,000 unique items belonging to the Moonbirds collection. Those 10,000 items are held among 6580 owners. The floor price for this stalwart collection of digital masterpieces is ETH 13.88 ($26,373.9432).

One piece from the Moonbirds collection that allows you to marvel at creativity being digitally displayed is Moonbirds #703.

Moonbirds #703

Moonbirds #703 sold for WETH 36.69 ($69,609.3687) about three months ago. This particular piece was minted 4 months ago and is now being re offered at the bargain basement price of ETH 44.69 ($84,793.0184).

Holding down fourth place in this week’s Top 5 NFT projects is the 8liens NFT collection. For interdimensional travel, the Ethereals created 8liens. The primary goal of these missions is to seek out new information. There are no sex differences among the six recognized subspecies. Furthermore, their vibes and characteristics are distinct from one another. The distinguishable characteristics of the individual pieces belonging to this 8lian subspecies are yet to be revealed. The sale ends February 2023. There are 10,001 individually unique items in this collection. These items are held between 3,290 owners. The floor price where you can be a part of the digital universe of 8liens is ETH 0.53 ($1,007.4664). This new subspecies of the 8lian nation garnered a sales Volume of ETH 3,131 ($5702.16) this week.

Here is a sneak peek at the newest edition to the 8lian NFT project 8liens – Unrevealed.

8liens unrevealed

This piece is available to be purchased for ETH 99 ($186,987.24).

The NFT Project holding third place in the middle of the pack is another newcomer to the Top 5, The Webaverse Genesis Pass. Your metaverse toolbox is the Webaverse Genesis Pass. You can take part in Webaverse’s collaborative MMO The Upstreet with the pass. Each pass will come with its own lore, relics, future airdrops from the Webaverse team, and the ability to claim a plot of land in The Upstreet in the near future. Webaverse Genesis Pass amassed a sales volume this week of ETH 3,246 ($6,160,388.64) the project contains 18,907 unique items. These items are held amongst 4,013 owners. The floor price for this collection is ETH 0.43 ($816.1443).

Here’s a glimpse of the Webaverse Genesis Pass. Your eyes can feast on its ingenuity and creative dynamism. Webaverse Genesis Pass #3627.


webaverse genesis pass 3627

Webaverse Genesis Pass #3627 can be purchased for ETH 10 ($18,887.60).

Coming under the checkered flag in second place is the Rare Apepe YC NFT project. The Rare Apepe YC collection accumulated a sales volume this week of ETH 4,100.27 ($7,748,280.219). The collection holds 10,000 unique items. These items are held within a group of 3,079 owners. The floor price for this collection is ETH 0.86 ($1626.7244).

An unrivaled piece from the collection is Rare Apepe #6447.

rare apepe6447

Rare Apepe #6447 can be purchased for ETH 420.69 ($795,667.82). This piece last traded 12 days ago at ETH 0.175 ($331.863). The best bid for this piece at the time of this writing is WETH 2.4449 ($4,624.14).

Clinching the top spot in our Top 5 NFT projects this week is CryptoPunks. CryptoPunks succeeded in generating the highest total of sales Volume for the week ETH 4480.03 ($8,506,770.5646). The floor price for this collection was not available at the time of this writing. All the owners are holding on for dear life (HODL) in case the project exceeds all expectations and becomes priceless. There are 9,999 unique items in this collection. There are 3,566 owners in total claiming ownership to the various items belonging to this collection.


One piece that is a true work of digital creative genius is CryptoPunk #6642.

Cryptopunk 6642

CryptoPunk # 6642 last traded two years ago at ETH 3.61 ($6865.8229).  It’s uncertain where the next trade will take place within this project , although owners that claimed unique items from this collection in its early stages may be well positioned for some hair raising trading levels. Time will give us the ultimate answer.

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