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This Week’s Top 5 NFT Platforms



The Top 5 NFT Platforms for the last week of July are nothing short of spectacular. More proof that “If you create it, They will come.” These NFT platforms and their connection to the upcoming Metaverse, will be nothing less than a field of dreams for its participants.

For those that are new to Non Fungible Tokens, NFTs, creative expression through works of art has taken on a new twist. Unique pieces of art can be created and categorized as one of a kind and then sold with exclusive rights through NFT platforms. We’ll show you which NFT Platforms were most active at the conclusion of this week. We’ll also give you a glimpse of the originality and creativity claimed, through a sample from each collection.

The Azuki platform has claimed the top spot this week. The Azuki platform generated a sales volume of ETH 520.79 ($874,172.0545). The collection holds 10,000 unique items. These magnificent specimens of digital creativity are shared among 5,074 owners. The floor price for this collection is ETH 9.8 ($16,451.064)

Azuki # 7468 is a remarkable exhibit from the collection.

This undeniable example of classic digital art can be purchased for ETH 11.5 ($19,755.97).

Coming in close behind capturing 2nd place is Otherdeed for Otherside. This collection of digital artwork is extremely popular. And finds its way to the Top 5 quite frequently. The collection has 100,000 individually unique items. These items are shared between a group of 34,922 owners. The Volume of sales amounted to ETH 516.91 ($866,935.6065). The floor price stands at ETH 2.24 ($3,749.9168).

Otherdeed for Otherside #22947



is a masterpiece from the collection. This item can be purchased for ETH 1,695 ($2,923,366.50).

The NFT platform in the middle of the pack taking 3rd place this week is the Meebits NFT collection. The Meebits are a new addition to the Top 5. The collection generated a sales volume of ETH 465.82 ($780,709.6618). There are 20,000 unique items belonging to Meebits. These magnificent works are held within a group of 6,559 owners. The floor price to own a Meebit collectible and gain entry to the digital world of Meebits is ETH 4.94 ($8,270.1034).

Meebit #9775, is an outstanding rendering of digital art. The shapes and colors used to create this item can only be described as remarkable.

Meebit # 9775 can be purchased for ETH 420 ($707,225.40).

Cryptopunks takes the 4th position among this week’s Top 5 NFT platforms. Cryptopunks is a tantalizing collection of digital artistry. The platform generated a sales volume of ETH 390.68 ($656,072.8308). The Cryptopunks collection contains 9,999 unique digital creations. These stellar manifestations of digital mastery are shared within a group of 3,559 owners. The floor price for this collection is currently not available.

Cryptopunk #5224 is just one of the compositions from the collection.

Cryptopunk #5224 is not currently for sale. What we can share with you is the last sale price. About 8 months ago Cryptopunk #5224 sold for ETH 87.5 ($147,058.625).


Filling in the last place of our Top 5 NFT platforms this week is the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection. Mutant Ape Yacht Club is no stranger to this illustrious group of high flying NFTs. Mutant Ape Yacht Club was able to actualize a sales volume totaling ETH 342.62 ($574,793.0168). The collection contains 19,424 unique items. These marvelous digitized creations are shared between a group of 12,963 owners. The floor price for this NFT platform is ETH 17.45 ($29,472.5265).

One piece we considered most fascinating was Mutant Ape Yacht Club #7430.

This representation of digital magnificence can be purchased for ETH 420 ($705,142.20).


There you have it! This week’s TOP 5 NFT Platforms.

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