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This Week’s Top 5 NFT Collections



This week the NFT collection reaching the finish line in 1st place …….drum roll please!!…… Is the absolutely elegant collection of Here’s a replica of possibly their lowest-priced piece of artwork, goblintown #4602.

The sale of goblintown #4602 will not end until August 22nd. This exquisite rendering of creativity is currently seeing an offer worth ETH 1.1448 ($2.000.22).

This marveling collection of digital art generated sales for the week totaling ETH 2485.66 ($4,342,994.87). The floor price. where you can buy in, right now, and gain entrance to their digital world of delight, is ETH1.59 ($2,778.08). The collection contains 10,000 unique works of digital art, disbursed between a group of owners numbering 4500.

Coming up close behind in the number 2 spot this week is AINightbirds. This stellar collection of wise owl digital art amassed an incredulous trading volume this week. Accumulating a volume of Ethereum (ETH)2453.61 (US$ 4,286,996.46). These have to be the wisest owls on the street to create that amount of wealth in 7 days. The floor price for the AINightbirds collection is ETH 0.45 ($786.25). The most renowned piece of this collection MBAI #9464 is being offered at ETH10,000 (17,472,200.00). This collection contains 10,000 unique items distributed amongst 4,900 owners.

Taking the number 3 spot is the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. A most desired piece from their collection, #648 is for sale at this very moment, at ETH18,880 ($33,176,124.80)

The collection has 10,000 items dispersed through a network of about 6,200 owners. The floor price for this collection, which means the lowest price where a collectible from this collection can be bought is ETH 90($158,148.90) this week the collection managed to accomplish a majestic level of trading volume, ETH 1,592.7 ($2,798,708.37).

As the rest of the leaders cross the finish line, taking 4th place this week is the GENE_SIS: The Girls of Armament collection. The epitome of digital design at its finest GENE_SIS #4537 has recorded the most recent trade bringing in a price at ETH 0.384 ($674.77).


The collection accumulated a sales total volume of ETH 1,117.76 ($1964139.05). The floor price where you can own your very own showstopping piece of art is ETH 0.358($629.08). There are 10,000 magnificent pieces that belong to this collection, well-dispersed between 4,471 owners. GENE_SIS: The Girls of Armament collection contains must-have items for the truest NFT collector.

Holding down 5th place this week is The Otherdeed for Otherside collection. The Otherdeed for Otherside collection contains a little more than 98,000 items. The number of owners in this group number slightly more than 34,000. The floor price for this collection is 2.7 ETH ($4,744.47 at the time of this writing). The collection has put together a volume of ETH 1103.32 ($1,938,764.94)for the week. One of the most significant renderings in the collection is #91726.

This unequivocally equaled work of art is currently being offered at ETH 100,000,000,000,000 approx ($173,464,000,000,000,000.00) Its initial sale took place on the 3rd of May for ETH 4.3 ($7,556.00). “Fairy tales can come true they can happen to you if you’re young at heart!” Those lyrics seem so fitting if this owner is able to sell his piece for that amazing amount.

The newest addition to the NFT market is an upstart group called Chef Boi R Doge (CBRD). It’s a dog chef inspired comic character. When you Mint this NFT you not only receive your unique piece of digital artwork, You receive a basket of goodies that can only be described as marvelous! In addition to the artwork & goodies, a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale will go to the American Cancer Society. Chef Boi R Doge Mutt #226 is only one of the characters in this culinary collection of dog chefs.

This on-of-a-kind master piece is currently being offered at ETH 0.1($177.43).

10,000Chef Boi R Doge: Mixed Breeds are available to be claimed by the first generation owners for free + gas. -5000 Chef Boi R Doge: Mixed Breeds will be sold for 0.1ETH on mint day.

There will be 200 different dogs, each with ten coats!

Over 500 variations within 9 traits! (This number is pending and subject to change)


You will earn access to the weekly airdrop, monthly comic, and future free claim for generation 3, which will be priced at 0.2 ETH.

You’ll also gain access to the Chef Boi R Doge comic’s members-only items.

This will give you free entry to the Chef Boi R Doge anime after production costs have been raised! The animation will continue and a studio will be established that is open to all chef dogs, as well as non-chef dogs.

This will also give you access to future physical Chef Boi R Doge Banquet events tickets!

That’s it!! This week’s top 5 NFT collections!! As well as a glimpse of what is on the way. Things happen fast in the NFT world, expect to see more collections soon

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