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This week the NFT collection of digital art coming under the checkered flag in 1st place is the jewel of the NFT world, dazzling with brilliance and garnishing the highest value of sales this week. The Boki collection pulls in at the top spot generating the grand total volume of ETH 3,011.68 (US$ 5,296,822.32) for the week ending June 3, 2022.

Boki is a community-focused project that centers around collaboration and connection. Their goal is to attract imaginative Dreamers and Adventurers who are passionate about learning and growing in Web3. Each Boki grants you access to Boki’s holder-only Discord channels, digital and IRL events, exclusive merchandise, and more. The floor price for this digital collection of art starts at ETH 1.54 ($2,708.49).

Boki # 7690 captivated my heart as soon as I laid eyes on it. You can have this bad boy at the unbelievably low price of ETH 1.648 ($2,986.13).

The Boki collection consists of 7,777 unique objects. The ownership is shared between about 3,800 collectors.

The absolutely elegant collection of takes the number 2 spot. Here’s a replica of one outstanding piece of artwork from their collection, goblintown #7966.

Goblintown #7966 is available for purchase right now at a price that doesn’t compare to the magnificence of this wonderfully rendered piece of digital art. This exquisite piece of creativity is currently being offered at ETH 7.3 ($13,067.22). This marveling collection of digital art generated sales for the week totaling ETH 1,896.29 ($3,335,119.00). The floor price. where you can buy in, right now, and gain entrance to their digital world of delight, is ETH 6.7 ($1,1783.69). The collection contains 10,000 unique works of digital art, disbursed between a group of owners numbering about 4600.

Coming in 3rd this week is a new breed of NFT that’s making everybody take notice, Return of Legends S2. These developers knew what they were doing when they teamed up with Christian Vieri, Alessandro Del Piero, and Gabriel Batistuta. These soccer superstars have released an interesting NFT, it’s been designed as a ‘mystery box collection.’ The NFTs will consist of licensed NFT game cards of memorable moments from the trio’s glittering careers. You can possess your very own ‘Mystery Box’ from the collection for 382 BUSD (Binance USD Stable coin $382)


Mystery boxes are a great way to add excitement and engagement to the world of collectibles by adding an element of surprise. With a mystery box, you never know what you’re going to get, but you can be sure that you’ll receive at least one limited edition NFT. mystery boxes are also usually offered at a lower price than buying the NFTs individually, so you’re getting a great deal while still having a chance to get something really special.

The TopGoal Mystery Box NFT collection ‘Return of Legends S2’ will include 12,000 NFT game cards and will be available exclusively on the Binance NFT marketplace. This batch of mystery boxes is known as a Special Collector’s Edition, with NFT cards that can be used in future TopGoal ecosystem utilities like GameFi and their DeFi platform. The mystery boxes will contain three quality tiers: Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Return of the Legends S2 amassed a sales volume for the week totaling 2,727,304.5 BUSD ($2,727,304.50). The floor price has been set at 38.79 BUSD $(38.79). 12,000 assets spread amongst 1,134 owners.

Taking the number 4 spot is the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. A most desired piece from their collection, #6200 is for sale at this very moment, at ETH109.99 ($193,755.08)

The collection has 10,000 items dispersed through a network of about 6,200 owners. The floor price for this collection, which means the lowest price where a collectible from this collection can be bought is ETH 94.69($166,536.98) this week the collection managed to accomplish a majestic level of trading volume, ETH 582($1,023,598.32).

Bringing up the rear and capturing 5th place this week is Moonbirds. This stellar collection of wise owl digital art amassed a trading volume this week of ETH 458.27 ($805,986.95). The floor price for the Moonbirds collection is ETH 22.22 ($39079.65). One of the most renowned pieces of this collection Moonbirds #8719 is being offered at ETH 24.99 ($44,021.63). This collection contains 10,000 unique items distributed amongst 4,900 owners.

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