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The Top 5 NFT Collections For This Week



This week the NFT collection of digital art with the most sales volume and taking 1st place is The absolutely elegant collection of DigiDaigaku Genesis. Here’s a replica of one of their unique pieces of artwork from their collection, DigiDaigaku #1254 – Oceana.

DigiDaigaku #1254 – Oceana

DigiDaigaku #1254 – Oceana is available for purchase right now at a price that cannot equal the value of its originality. It is currently being offered at ETH 21.99 ($35,090.98). This collectible generated sales for the week totaling ETH 3750($5,962,237.50). The floor price. for entrance to their digital world of delight is ETH 10.50 ($16,694.58). The collection contains 2,022 unique works of digital art, disbursed between a group of owners numbering 758.


Taking 2nd place is blue chip standard Bored Ape Yacht Club. Bored Ape Yacht Club continues to dominate the  NFT market place with their resounding brand of artistry. The collection garnered a volume of sales totaling ETH 2,866 ($4,558,315.68). The floor price to enter their elite world is ETH 77.88 ($123,866.5824). I discovered a piece from their collection that couldn’t be rivaled Bored Ape Yacht Club #548.


This piece is currently seeing a WETH 71.4051 $113,509.83 bid. Although the owner of this opulent item from this collection would like it sold at ETH 86.69 ($137,807.63). There is a fair distance between the bid and offer. Hopefully a trade can happen and benefit both the buyer and seller. The collection contains 10,000 unique items shared among 8,457 owners.

Third place has been won by the impeccable collection named DeGods. This defining collection produced sales for the week totaling a volume of SOL 97k ($3,047,740.00). The floor price for membership to this uplifting digital world is SOL 748 ($23,502.16). DeGod #6615 tickled my fancy, it was love at first sight.


You can call this distinguished item of uniqueness your very own, if you’re willing to part with SOL 748 ($23,502.16). This is the only item in the collection available for sale. This is the piece of flawless digital artwork representing the floor price for the collection. This collection has 10,000 individual unique items, with 4,271 owners.

Coming in 4th place is the CLONE X – X TAKASHI MURAKAMI collection. A highly desired piece from their collection, #16757, can be purchased for ETH 8.9 ($14,156.79).



The collection has 19,370 items dispersed through a network of 9,527 owners. The floor price for this collection is ETH 6.8 ($10,803.092). This week the collection managed to accumulate a trading volume of ETH 1,758 ($2,792,917.02).

Last but not least taking 5th place this week is Otherdeed for Otherside. This futuristic collection of technological digital art amassed a trading volume this week of ETH 1,745 ($2,773,747.30) at the time of this writing. The floor price for the Otherdeed for Otherside collection is ETH 1.78 ($2,829.4346). One of the more spectacular pieces in this collection is Otherdeed for Otherside #76648.




This dazzling demonstration of digital artistry is seeing a bid valued at WETH 1.6674 ($2,652.25)

This bid is very close to the current floor price and has a possibility of trading, if the crypto market regains some of its momentum. Otherdeed for Otherside #7668 is currently being offered at ETH 1.98 ($3,149.49).

These crypto winter bargains may be something that should not be overlooked. Billions upon billions of US dollars are pouring into the development of web 3. Web 3 is the place where NFTs will thrive. Their usefulness in the digital world is still evolving. And we have yet to see the level of features that can be attached to these digital masterpieces.

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