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The Swan Bitcoin Benefit Plan



Voltage, Compton Magic, and Everbowl will give Bitcoin to their workers. They will accomplish this by paying out the cryptocurrency as a part of a unique benefits plan devised by Swan Bitcoin Benefit Plan. Every employee receives $50 to $100 BTC bonus each month as one of the first four “Bitcoin Advantage Plan” pioneers.

Cory Klippsten, Swan CEO, said this during a phone interview, “It’s like a bitcoin education club that gets spawned at your company, and you’re all kind of going down this path with this shared purpose together.”

Employees at Swan, which provides bitcoin-based services to businesses, hope that when they give Bitcoin out as a monthly bonuses, it will help drive wider cryptocurrency adoption. Klippsten says that a good corporate benefit is usually valued more than its actual cost. Such arrangements get people excited about cryptocurrency. They also gain experience interacting with cryptos as well. Employees’ accounts are credited with up to $100 in bitcoin each month. Companies that participate in the program pay Swan $2 per employee each month and are charged a 1% transaction fee.

Employees at Tesla, West Covina Auto Sales, and several other places praise the initiative. “There is a ‘Stack Sats’ culture in Bitcoin. Being able to assist team members stack more Satoshies is a win-win situation for culture and long-term savings,” says Voltage founder and CEO, Graham Krizek .

CEO Wilson says he will “orange pill” his employees in order to accept bitcoin. Crypto supporters have adopted the term “orange pill” to describe efforts to get people on board with bitcoin. Chris Williams, a Microsoft Office Specialist from Gurnee, Illinois, who has already received $100 in two payments, is among the early converts. “It’s great. I got a deposit this morning…I’ve set up my account with my own personal email address and then it goes straight into my account.”

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