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Solana Will Host 7 Upcoming NFT Games



As Web3 games reach their full maturity and venture capital financing continues to climb, Solana has positioned itself to be one of the blockchains that have the most fascinating gaming initiatives.

The fact of the matter is that traditional games are still light years ahead of their blockchain counterparts; but, venture capital investment, thriving communities, and a rising pool of development talent might bring the two types of games closer together in the near future.

Each chain is working on a number of interesting projects, but it appears that Solana is working on some of the most interesting ones. Some of them are as follows:

1. Genopets
The smartphone game Genopets features a Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn system that encourages its players to lead healthy lifestyles and then rewards them for doing so. It combines the ability to raise and evolve Tamagotchi pets with the ability to train and battle Pokémon, as well as the social incentives and fitness monitoring capabilities of Strava, and it rewards users with bitcoin for consistently maintaining high levels of activity.

2. Nyan Heroes
Nyan Heroes Players deploy their own NFT characters in order to engage other players in a first-person shooter-style action game while playing the battle royale-style game Nyan Heroes.

3. Project Eluüne
The first game to be developed as part of Project Eluüne is called StarGarden. An action role-playing game for personal computers and mobile devices that features auto-battles between guilds and environments. StarGardens are specks of land that are free-floating across the cosmos and are used as habitats for many tribes. As members of the tribe accomplish quests and triumph in war, they grow in size.

4. Star Atlas
In the year 2620, the virtual game metaverse known as Star Atlas has seen the emergence of three different groups. They are engaged in a struggle for resources, territorial expansion, and political preeminence. While doing so, participants are eligible to receive actual monetary incentives and have the ability to sway the result of this interplanetary warfare.


5. Aurory Project
Aurory Project Players are able to explore a vast universe that spans the worlds of Antik and Tokané in Project Aurory. While doing so, they will be tasked with completing quests, discovering lost relics, vanquishing foes, and engaging in competitive gameplay with magical NFT creatures that they can hatch, evolve, trade, and use in combat.

6. Tiny Colony
Tiny Colony is an online game that takes place in a pixelated metaverse and allows users to construct their own colonies. Colonies that are established and managed properly have the opportunity to earn tokens by taking part in quests and betting on wars.

In the humorous video game MechaFightClub MFC, robotic hens and roosters compete against one another in a mock combat sport. A character is a one-of-a-kind, artificially intelligent NPC (non-player character) that lives on the blockchain as a transaction that does not involve any players. Fights are crazy and one of a kind, much like the characters.

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