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NFT Tools: What’s Free And Gets The Job Done?



NFT Tools: What’s Free And Gets The Job Done?

A new financial market has emerged. A digital marketplace filled with bits and bytes defining an evolving world of investment opportunities for the new found digital investor. Navigating this newly constructed forum of endless opportunities has been a challenge for digital traders. There has and continues to be an ongoing search for tools that can give the new breed of investor an advantage over the general public. In the twenty-first century gold can be found through the internet if you have the right type of shovel or pick to dig it out of the digital mine it’s contained in. Our team has introduced you to the type of tools that can accomplish this task.

A saying that was introduced to the world, as legend has it, by Coco Channel, and made famous by the movie Mo’ Money, “The best things in life are free.” These words can be very comforting to the newbie digital investor. Information is key to successful trading opportunities. Having equipment that gives you access to data before it reaches the general public gives you an advantage within any trading arena. The NFT market is no different. Certain tools will give you a chance to take advantage of optimal market conditions. Furthermore, if you can have access to this data for free that just adds to the probability of more gains on successful trades.

As it has been discussed in earlier blog posts, regarding the subject of NFT Tools. There is specific information that you need to access in order to increase your chances for success, if you choose to make an entry into the NFT market for digital investment opportunities. These tools will aid you in accessing NFT market data, finding upcoming NFT drops early,  monitoring NFT minting , scanning NFT wallets, scanning NFT floor prices and Volume, and sniping undervalued NFT offerings. Tools with combinations of all the above attributes are also promising, as they increase the speed in which you are able to access information within one app.

The ability to connect to NFT market data for free can be accomplished through a few platforms like It’s important to know what is in demand and the status of the current NFT trading environment. is extremely helpful in monitoring Ethereum blockchain data. The downside is it only monitors Ethereum. Cryptoslam provides a cross chain view of current market events, specifically NFT volume. Having access to cross chain NFT volume can draw your attention to new NFT blockchains that have substantial trading activity. Cryptoslam doesn’t give you access to every blockchain but for the novice digital trader it is extremely helpful.

Staying abreast of upcoming NFT drops remains vital information for all who have aligned themselves to trade NFTs. Twitter is still pound for pound the best place on the planet for acquiring NFT drop info. It still requires diligence because following and engaging with all the accounts necessary to stay well informed is tedious. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to spend all that time on Twitter and your objective is to get a general sense of what’s about to drop, NFTScoring can fill that information space. What’s insightful with NFTScoring is it not only gives you data regarding popular upcoming NFTs, it also provides social metrics. Social metrics adds a dimension to the information being shown to you. NFTScoring gives you the amount of Twitter followers, active whales following a project, Discord followers as well as the amount of growth over the last 7 days. It’s important to keep in mind that some marketers buy likes and followers for their upcoming projects so further investigation into the popularity of an upcoming NFT drop should be considered as due diligence. We have more free NFT tools to share with you. Stay tuned!

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