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NFT Tools: New Age Picks and Shovels



NFT traders need the right tools to be successful. NFT tools are the new age picks and shovels in the form of apps that can help an NFT trader identify hot prospects within the NFT market place. There are a variety of tools available such as NFT portfolio trackers, and the NFT market data available on NFT marketplaces like Open Sea. Today we will focus on NFT blockchain analysis tools, This type of NFT tool takes the apprentice NFT trader to the rank of journeyman seamlessly.

One of the best recommended Apps to provide NFT blockchain analysis is Nansen. The Nansen APP is an invaluable tool for any NFT trader. It offers a suite of features that make it easy to find and track the value of NFTs. Nansen also provides a variety of charts and graphs that make it easy to see the trends in the NFT market.

With Nansen, NFT traders can:

– Get real-time insights into the NFT market

– Track the value of NFT portfolios

– Identify hot prospects within the NFT market

– Stay up to date on the latest NFT news and events


Nansen is the perfect tool for any NFT trader who wants to get ahead of the competition. With its suite of features, Nansen makes it easy to find and track the value of NFTs. So if you’re looking for an edge in the NFT market, This type of tool can assist you greatly.

As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, so too do the tools available to NFT traders.

NFT blockchain analysis tools are becoming increasingly popular as a way to identify hot prospects within the NFT marketplace. These tools provide pertinent information that can enable an NFT trader to make better decisions when deciding to participate in a particular NFTproject.

One highly recommended NFT blockchain analysis tools is the Nansen APP. This app provides a profound wealth of information about the NFT market, including market data, price movements, and more. The Nansen APP ,or one like it, can be considered an essential tool for any serious NFT trader.

Blockchain analysis is the process of analyzing a blockchain in order to obtain information about the contents and holdings of individual wallets. This process can be used to identify trends and patterns within the NFT marketplace, as well as to track the movements of specific NFTs.

The information obtained through blockchain analysis can be extremely valuable to NFT traders. By understanding the contents and holdings of individual wallets, NFT traders can make more informed decisions about which NFTs to buy and sell. Additionally, blockchain analysis can provide insight into the overall health of the NFT marketplace, allowing NFT traders to identify potential problems or opportunities.

While there are a variety of different NFT blockchain analysis tools available, we will take the time to introduce you to a variety of apps that provide these services. As the NFT market expands so do the number of tools that can be used to trade them. The Nansen App is not free so, it’s important to receive information about these tools so that you can get the best bang for the buck for your purchase.

NFT data is available for free on marketplace platforms like Open Sea.

Overall the data that’s available at no cost is good and informative. But most times it does not give you an advantage over the average NFT trader since all share the same data.

The Nansen app does have a Lite version that they offer at no cost, which allows you to become familiar with the app. The real meat of the app comes at a price of US$399/quarterly. This version of the app will take you to the status of Journeyman and can assist you greatly in NFT trade decision-making. For those of you that are ready to move on to the rank of Master NFT trader, Nansen offers a VIP version for $3990/quarterly. This version comes with downloadable content Alerts that can be set and monitored and more. And for those that are ready to attain the rank of Grand Master NFT trader Nansen offers their Alpha version for $9,000/ quarterly. This version provides a private Discord community, exclusive insights and reports via Alpha Research, War Room calls, AMAs with Early-Stage Projects, and workshops on special topics of interest


If you are looking for an edge in NFT trading, then Nansen is one of the perfect tools for you. With its comprehensive suite of features, Nansen makes it easy to find and track the value of NFTs.

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