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Lord Botham and Caduceus Launch Metaverse Cricket



Caduceus, a business that specializes in metaverse blockchain technology, has formed a partnership with the illustrious British athlete Lord Botham in order to create an exclusive new NFT line on the Light Cycle platform.

This audacious act from a player who is already enshrined in the Cricket Hall of Fame brings the sport of cricket to the metaverse for the very first time and demonstrates the limitless potential offered by web3 technology.

Lord Botham was a well-respected sports pundit and charity fundraiser in addition to being rumored to have been one of the finest all-rounders in the history of English cricket. His talents, drive, and one-of-a-kind attitude transcended the realm of the game, and as a result, he became not just a prominent on-field player, but also a major sports celebrity. Now the undisputed sporting great is leading from the front once again as he demonstrates his desire to be the first to take cricket into the metaverse by launching his NFT on Light Cycle, the first 3D Metaverse platform to provide a multi-user 3D experience that allows customers to engage with their favorite brands and celebrities through online immersion. He did this by launching his NFT on Light Cycle. Light Cycle is the first 3D Metaverse platform to provide a multi-user 3D experience that allows customers to do this.

Ian “Beefy” Botham wants to show his appreciation for the steadfast support of his supporters by making it possible for them to access his heritage through the provision of an unprecedented utility. After conducting research into this new marketplace for a number of months, he decided to form a partnership with Caduceus, the very first blockchain that was ready for the Metaverse. He will start things off with an NFT collection that will provide entry into Beefy’s world in a way that has never been possible before. It is not necessary to be intimidated if you are new to this area because he will be providing some helpful tutorials to ensure that everyone can participate.

The benefits of this collaboration are not limited to merely selling and collecting NFTs; rather, they are mutual and extend far further than that. It will serve as a model for what other things in the web3 domain can achieve when joined with a global sport. It will undoubtedly entice a brand new generation of young cricket players to the metaverse and will also introduce the game to those who are already invested in the metaverse. As part of this exciting adventure, there will be educational benefits, deeper degrees of audience participation, and new levels of gamification. Additionally, there will be new levels of gamification.

Caduceus is the first metaverse protocol in the history of the world, and it is capable of performing 100,000 ultra-cheap transactions per second while also allowing for decentralized edge rendering. It is a developer-friendly and easy-to-use underlying public chain platform that comes with its own complete set of development tools that enable the building, financing, and cross-chain portability of 3D worlds and digital assets from one metaverse to another. It has been designed to provide the infrastructure layer for the development of metaverses, and it has been designed to provide the infrastructure layer for the development of metaverses.

This massive undertaking, which is going to bring cricket into the metaverse in ways that have never been done before, will use the Caduceus ecosystem’s native token, which is abbreviated as CMP.


Caduceus has been quite busy following a great visit at the Metaverse Summit in Paris and releasing their new token CMP. In addition to the news of these two partnerships, Caduceus have also announced their new coin. On July 25, 2022, Bybit, the most successful digital asset trading platform in the world, will conduct the official launch of the brand-new Caduceus token CMP. Additionally, the token will be listed on a number of global digital asset trading platforms, one of which is Bitget.

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