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Cryptocurrency Stocks Shot Higher on Monday



On Monday, coins and tokens, in general, had a strong day, and the performance of assets linked with this industry followed this trend.

On Monday, most cryptocurrency-related stocks saw gains in their share prices, which was a positive sign for the market. Two prime examples of this trend are cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinbase Global (COIN +5.97 percent) and next-generation bank Silvergate Capital (SI +3.78 percent), the latter of which has developed a credit-line product known as SEN Leverage, the borrowings of which are collateralized by Bitcoin (BTC +5.76 percent ).

Coinbase finished the day with an almost 6 percent gain, while Silvergate saw their value increase by just below 4 percent.

The rise in value of coins and tokens over the past few months is directly responsible for the gains made by both Coinbase and Silvergate, as is very commonly the case with equities that are related to the cryptocurrency industry.

Numerous cryptocurrencies saw success on Monday, despite the fact that the so-called “cryptocurrency winter” may not have officially ended. After breaking above the psychologically critical $30,000 price line, the value of Bitcoin, for example, had increased by approximately 5% over the course of the previous 24 hours. This occurred in the late afternoon. During this time, Ethereum had achieved a positive balance of nearly 3 percent, and Cardano’s growth was comparable to that of Bitcoin.

There were no significant new advancements in either the cryptocurrency industry as a whole or any of the prominent coins during this time period. That might suggest a “no news is good news” scenario for investors looking for bargains among various assets, which would mean that there is no news to report.

The value of a single Bitcoin has been stuck in a rut for the past three weeks, and it hasn’t even come close to returning to where it was at the beginning of the year, when one bitcoin was worth about $48,000. It is crucial to note, especially in relation to Coinbase, that the most recent gain in cryptocurrency prices is not being driven by increasing volume. As a result, it is likely that this increase will not end up shifting the needle very much on the exchange operator’s fundamentals.


Despite this, it is heartening to see that crypto prices are on the road to recovery. The investors who had a cautiously bullish outlook on cryptocurrency stocks may have been correct to do so.

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