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CBS Enters Metaverse



CBS is the first U.S. network to enter Decentraland, providing additional impetus for widespread use of metaverse technology. The announcement will undoubtedly be of assistance in accelerating Web3 acceptance on a global scale and in recruiting large media companies.

Fans of the successful CBS comedy series Ghosts, which debuted earlier this year, may now enjoy the Woodstone Mansion as part of a metaverse experience in the virtual world of Decentraland. Fans will be able to interact with the show’s haunted home, Woodstone, in a fresh and entertaining way, according to the studios at CBS.

The CBS marketing campaign promoting the upcoming second season of the co-production with Lionsgate TV and BBC Studios will include the metaverse experience. This will take place before the premiere of the new season. On July 29th, the new season of the popular CBS comedy will begin airing.
The haunting Woodstone estate from the Ghosts television show has been recreated for the video game. Visit the entry portal in Decentraland to initiate your first step inside the immersive experience. The next step is to select an avatar from the show, and after that, you’ll go into the haunted house to begin playing the game.

The set of the show was just like the one in the haunted house. You will find endearing exchanges between the characters from the comedy program inside.

Mike Benson, the Chief Marketing Officer of CBS, provided an explanation as to why the company decided to make their initial step into the Metaverse with the show Ghosts.

“We are continually looking for innovative ways to further develop new audiences for CBS programming,”

said one of the network’s executives. “Our hit series ‘Ghosts,’ with its significant following, wide-ranging otherworldly characters, and expansive setting, seemed like a natural fit for the Metaverse,” said another.

His next statement was as follows: “This incredibly engaging and elaborate Web3 ‘Ghosts’ game in Decentraland brings the series to life in an exciting way that’s never been done, letting visitors to individually have their own very unique experience while exploring the world of the show.”
If you are able to solve puzzles and accomplish objectives while you are on your journey, you will receive NFTs as rewards. The history of comedy will include the NFTs at some point in the future. Every character has a total of 1100 NFTs available to them.


The carbon-free Polygon blockchain network is the location of the collectibles, which come in a variety of rarities and can be found there.

The Ghosts Metaverse was a collaborative effort between CBS and the Web3 marketing agency CreativeDepartmentmint. In addition to having experience in the organization of large-scale events, the company also advises clients on commercial opportunities available via Web3 and the metaverse.

According to Jonathan Block-Verk, the company’s founder, “this is the very first Decentraland game that has ever been produced by a network in the United States.”

In turn, CreativeDepartmint collaborated with Moonwalk to manufacture the NFTs, and it hired Terrazero, a metaverse firm, to build the metaverse Web3 game and the experience in Decentraland. Both of these were accomplished through CreativeDepartmint’s efforts.
The intellectual property rights to Decentraland are held by the Decentraland Foundation, which is a charitable organization. It collaborates with content providers, companies, consumers, and other stakeholders to improve the ecosystem as a whole.

According to Adam de Cata, who is in charge of relationships at the Decentraland Foundation,

“Entertainment has been driving metaverse adoption globally,” said Decentraland’s CEO, “and the company is pleased to have an institution like CBS enter the metaverse and introduce a new sort of immersion from the world of television.”


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