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Arbitrum Odyssey: June 2022 NFT Drop



Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain that was developed with the intention of expanding the capabilities of Ethereum’s smart contracts. Virtually everyone involved in the cryptocurrency industry is familiar with Arbitrum. Arbitrum is kicking off a monumental event, which they are calling the “largest NFT drop ever.” This event will span for two months and will require users to utilize numerous on-chain Arbitrum platforms in order to complete various objectives.

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, having the opportunity to acquire free NFTs has always been a cool circumstance. Rubic, the One-Click Cross-Chain swap service, is one of the bridges that is taking part in this project. Rubic is known for providing users with incredibly alluring terms and conditions.

What exactly is the drop for the Arbitrum Odyssey NFT? How exactly does one get involved in the Rubic version of the Arbitrum Odyssey? This essay provides you with all the answers, and it was written specifically for you.

What exactly is the Arbitrum?
Arbitrum is a scaling solution for Ethereum’s layer 2 network that aims to increase Ethereum’s transactional throughput while simultaneously reducing the costs associated with individual transactions. Arbitrum holds one of the leading positions among L2 platforms on Ethereum with more than 260 deployed decentralized applications (dApps) and more over USD 2 billion in total value (TVL).

What exactly is an Arbitrum Odyssey?
The large-scale NFT drop event known as Arbitrum Odyssey will begin on June 21st, 2022 at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) and will last for a total of 8 weeks. During this time frame, users will have access to a variety of on-chain Arbitrum projects that are participating in this event and will be able to use those projects. At the conclusion of this adventure, users will be awarded with one-of-a-kind NFTs that can be put to use in the distribution of more airdrops!

Each of the eight weeks will be devoted to one of the projects that will be carried out as part of this effort. These projects include bridges, exchanges, and on-ramps. In order to get rewards, users will have to execute a variety of tasks on the chain. As an illustration, they will be required to perform a swap on a particular platform, supply liquidity on another platform, and so on.

Instructions on How to Take Part in the Rubic Arbitrum Odyssey
Starting on June 21, 2022 at 1:00 PM EEST and continuing until June 27, 2022 at 12:59 PM EDST, Rubic’s One-Click Cross-Chain will be competing in the first week of the Arbitrum competition. This week is dedicated to bridges, and the bridge that is deemed to have “the most popularity” will be the one that has successfully moved the most quantity of Ethereum to Arbitrum. Users who interacted with this bridge will be rewarded with some of the most special and one-of-a-kind NFTs that Ratwell and Sugoi have designed.

  • This promotion is open to all users, and those that participate will be given free NFTs. The only thing you need to do is use the platform to exchange any token for ETH on the Arbitrum network.
  • It does not matter which blockchain you store your assets on; what does matter is that you must select Arbitrum when performing a swap for ETH on Rubic. This is the only requirement.
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount required; all that is required is that you use Rubic on Arbitrum to convert any of your tokens to Ethereum, and you can do this in just one click.

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