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Angry Demonstrations At The Massive IPhone Factory In Zhengzhou



According to video that has gone viral on the internet, demonstrations have taken place at the largest iPhone manufacturing in the world, which is located in the city of Zhengzhou in China. Videos show hundreds of workers marching, some of whom are met by individuals dressed in biohazard suits and riot police. Those who were live-streaming the protests said that police officers had beaten workers. Videos also showed fights taking place.

Foxconn, a manufacturer, was forced to close down the site last month because of the Covid instances, which led to some workers escaping and going home. After that, the corporation began to recruit new employees by offering significant bonuses as an incentive. Foxconn has not provided a statement regarding the most recent disturbances as of yet.

Workers may be heard on footage that was livestreamed and published online shouting: “Protect our legal standing! Protect our legal standing!” Sticks were used to break windows and surveillance cameras by other workers who were seen doing this. Workers were shown in many films expressing dissatisfaction with the meals they were provided and stating that they had not gotten bonuses as had been promised.

“They altered the contract in such a way that we are no longer eligible to get the subsidy as was originally promised. They have us in quarantine, but they don’t provide us any food “explained one Foxconn worker when he was live streaming on the company’s website. We are not going to stop fighting if they do not answer the issues that we have. In addition to this, he asserted that he witnessed police officers hitting a man who was “severely hurt and [who] might die.”

It was claimed that a worker who had just recently started working at the Zhengzhou facility said that workers were protesting because Foxconn had “modified the contract they promised.”

He stated that some recently hired employees worried receiving Covid from staff members who had been there during a prior outbreak. “Those workers who are protesting want to get a subsidy and return home,” the staff member stated. “Those workers who are protesting want to get a subsidy and return home.”

According to what he heard, there was a significant police presence at the site on Wednesday morning. Additional livestreamed recordings demonstrated the presence of large numbers of armed police officers at the scene. According to another recently hired worker who was recently interviewed, he went to the protest location on Wednesday and saw “one man with blood over his head lying on the ground.” “I didn’t know the actual reason why people are protesting, but they are combining us new workers with old workers who were [Covid] positive,” one worker remarked in a recent interview. “They are mixing us new workers with old workers who were [Covid] positive.”


The Zhengzhou plant of Taiwanese company Foxconn, which is Apple’s primary supplier of subcontractors, assembles more iPhones than any other facility in the world combined. Late in October, a large number of workers fled the plant in response to an increase in the number of reported cases of covid and allegations of poor treatment of staff. Their flight was documented on social media as they rode lorries back to their hometowns located in other areas of the central Chinese province. After that, Foxconn made an effort to retain its current workforce as well as attract new employees by increasing pay and providing incentive opportunities.

Because of an epidemic of Covid in Zhengzhou, the company has subsequently implemented what are known as closed loop operations at the factory. This keeps the plant isolated from the rest of the city of Zhengzhou. Because of the disruption to production in Zhengzhou, Apple stated earlier this month that it anticipated less shipments of iPhone 14 models as a result of the issue.

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