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This Week’s Top 5 NFT Collections



Coming in at #1 across the board we have Bored Ape Yacht Club, a unique set of collectible digital art. Here’s a sample of the lowest-priced item in their collection. # 8695 offered at the floor price.


The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection contains 10,000 items. The number of owners in this group is 6,443. The floor price for this collection is 72 ETH ($125,667.36). The collection has accumulated a volume of 3,686 ETH($6,433,839.28) for the week.


The runner-up for this week taking the number 2 spot is the CryptoPunks collection. #5103 from this collection is not for sale at the moment, but there is a fan that paid ETH 94.95 ($1,166,078.944) 7 months ago and possibly still the owner of this spectacular specimen of digital creativity.

The collection has 9,999 items dispersed through a network of 3,577 owners. The floor price for this collection, which means the lowest price where a collectible from this collection can be bought is not available at this time. The NFTiff collection of CryptoPunk characters from Tiffanys has made owners reluctant to sell. This Digital art collection has generated a Volume (total) of ETH 3,051 ($5,326,283.25) in sales for the week. With a dazzling display of sales these works continue on their path to greatness.

Here’s awesome info about NFTiffs, the luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. revealed a collection of CryptoPunk NFTs-themed gold and gem-encrusted pendants.

In a blog post published on its website, the company announced its intention to produce NFTiffs. The product is described as “a collection of 250 digital passes,” which can be “minted when purchased and redeemed by CryptoPunks holders for the creation of a custom designed pendant and an NFT digital artwork that resembles the final jewelry design.” The company also stated that its pendants will be “conceived and produced by Tiffany artisans,” but “influenced by” the owners of CryptoPunk’s very own punk NFT. According to the company’s information, “only 250 NFTiff passes” will be made available “exclusively to CryptoPunk holders.” Each client is only allowed to purchase three NFTiffs. Purchasers will have to make their NFT purchases on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens can then be exchanged for actual pendants of some kind. The company intends to start selling the pendants in retail locations on August 5 and will charge ETH 30 (approximately USD 50,700) for each one.

Right behind them holding down 3rd place this week is Otherdeed for Otherside. This delightful NFT collection is supported through the Ethereum Blockchain. There are 100,000 items associated with this NFT, distributed among 34,512 owners. The floor price for these exquisite works of fine art starts at ETH 1.65 ($2,881.923).


Otherdeed for Otherside #76354 is currently for sale at ETH 300.69 ($530,080.39)

Otherdeed for Otherside has amassed a total of ETH 2,793 ($4,875,656.31) in sales of their digital art collection for the week.

Fourth place belongs to Mutant Ape Yacht Club, a delightful collection for collectors with a taste for their unique flair.


Mutant Ape Yacht Club #14916 is for sale at a price that only a real collector could consider, ETH 420.69 ($734,491.08).


The Mutant Ape Yacht Club! The Mutant Ape Yacht Club  lays claim to a collection of 19,425 items, distributed between 12938 owners of this undeniably unique works of digital art. The floor price associated with this magnificent collection starts at ETH 13.20 ($23,108.58). The total amount of ETH accounted for during sales of this splendid digital artform is ETH 2,474 ($4,329,722.66) for the week.

In 5th place but not to be thought of as the least in this week’s comparisons is the 8liens NFT collection.

8liens NFT #5270 is so adorable, cuddly, and cute don’t you think?


You can buy this one-of-a-kind digital masterpiece for ETH 20 ($36,246.40). For the true enthusiast, this is a small price to pay for something so special.

The 8liens NFT community contains 10,001 unique pieces of digital art. These works are held within a conglomerate of 2,900 owners. The floor price for the 8liens NFT Collection is ETH 0.07 ($122.444). The total amount of Ethereum spent on this awesome collection this week was ETH 2,077 ($3,634,209.98).

That’s it!! This week’s top 5 NFT collections!! Things happen fast in the NFT world, expect to see more collections reach this status as time moves forward.

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