I’m Rob Booker. I haven’t done a lot of podcasts and radio shows in a long time, and there are a bunch of reasons for that. But I’m back now.

And I’m back for a really important reason. Your government, if you live in the United States or basically anywhere in the world right now, is spending gargantuan sums of money to do two things: make themselves and rich people even richer.

You know that. You already know it.

And I’m not saying that all of the events over the last 12 months are a scam. I’m not saying that.

But I am saying that isn’t it kind of interesting that throughout all of these stimulus programs, out of all of the things that have gone on, out of everything that we’ve seen, out of all of the programs that were supposedly launched to help you and everyday Americans cope with one of the world’s strangest and weirdest ramifications of eating bat soup, wouldn’t you think that maybe the middle class would have expanded or at least stayed consistent?

But no.

In fact, all the research shows that the middle-class has shrunk for the first time in what? 50 years? 70 years?

I don’t know the data. Look it up. You have access to Google.  But you don’t need to look at it. You know already.

Do you feel richer than you were 12 months ago?

If you do, congratulations.

Our podcasts are not for you.

Seriously, congratulations! But this website may not be the best place for you to stop.

But in the case that you feel like you either didn’t get as much as you deserve, or you feel like you didn’t even get a chance, or you feel like the stock market ran without you, then you’re welcome here on Financial Wars. We want you here.

And I want to share something special that I did with each of you.

I went to a ritzy country club to do something a little crazy, and even I barely believe what happened next…