Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest investments in the world right now. Probably the hottest.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is around $57,900 USD and has been relentlessly climbing. Other mainstream cryptos like Ether are up, and even a joke like Dogecoin is surging relative to its value.

Folks want a piece of crypto, and there’s a good reason why: with new dollars flooding into the world based on a Fed zero interest rate and out of control government spending, USD doesn’t seem like the safest way to save your money right now.

But that presents a bit of a problem.

Because there’s a simple question that a few folks are asking right now, but everyone should be aware of…

How long will the U.S. Government (or any other government) play nice with cryptocurrency? 

About a month ago, India announced a new crypto ban that made some waves in the investment community.

Worse yet, the Indian government explained its plans to establish a blockchain of its own that it could control, regulating the crypto market as a way to legitimize their own currency source.

That’s a big problem.

The crypto market relies on free markets, and the more government interference there is, the more problems cryptocurrency will face.

But therein lies the bigger problem, and the reason that big question is so important to ask: does the government care if they ruin crypto?

The short answer is: no.

Every government around the world is only legitimate in so far as they can maintain a monopoly on the legitimate use of force and creation of money.

Put simpler: money is the source of every government’s power.

And if the citizens can begin making and exchanging money of their own, the government won’t stand for it very long.

Now, right now, with as much hype as there is in crypto, it is still an extremely small market, relatively speaking.

But how long will that be true?

What if crypto grows to begin to rival the market share of silver? Of gold?

What if crypto becomes as common an investment tool as the SPY or AAPL?

Will the government be willing to stand idly by and let folks trade their own currency completely outside of their purview?

Not likely.

It’s not something to panic about yet, but it’s certainly something we should be aware of.

Politicians around the world like power and they’re not eager to give it up. Eventually, crypto will probably pose a “problem” to their power that the government will have to fight against.

And if that day comes, we’ll be there to guide you through it.

Semper Bellamus