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Rob Booker

Financial Disrupter

My name is Rob Booker. I have been trading for over 20 years, and currently live in the Woodlands outside of Houston, TX. For the last nine years or so, I have been building this YouTube channel as a resource for new traders and veterans alike. I don’t claim to be perfect. Far from it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But I hope that through this channel, people can learn from my mistakes and my successes as we all grow together as traders. On this channel, you will find my raw, unfiltered takes on the market. I like to go live when I find I have something worth talking about, whether it’s a stock I love (or hate) or a brand new run on cryptocurrencies. Whatever sparks my interest, I’ll come and share with you. Plus, in the archives, you’ll find tons of my old training videos to help you get started, brush up, or continue to improve your trading skills.


Markay Latimer

The Queen of Trades

Trading Mom extraordinaire, Markay took $1,000 of her own money, plus $500 each from her sister and her mother, and began testing her trading knowledge.  Within two years, Markay had parlayed that small investment into $2 million.  With the tech industry driving a skyrocketing market, Markay had the opportunity to apply and test her theories about charting, options, and market entries and exits.  When the tech bubble burst, Markay, like a lot of traders, lost a substantial chunk of money – but she also gained substantial knowledge and experience, and it was those lessons that provided the foundation on which she built her current successes.

After so many years working for educational seminar training companies, Markay developed a strong sense of what was missing in the available trading education programs. In 2017, Markay started her own company, designing her classes and workshops around those deficiencies. She offers the kinds of online classes , guidance, and advice that she wishes she’d had when she was learning to trade.  Put another way, Markay’s classes are designed specifically to teach you what other programs can’t.  With Markay, you’ll learn what other programs will teach you and, most importantly, what they won’t teach you.

Markay’s system has helped thousands of people grow their personal wealth in the stock market.  Let her help you.

Power of Moving Averages

Scott Welsh

Recently Crowned #1 Trader In the US (#2 in the World)

Scott has been a trader since 2004. In that time, he’s seen his trading account make 100% in a year on two different occasions and also seen his accounts make 50% in four months.

In 2012, he started developing trading robots (automated trading systems) and has traded robots ever since. Several of his trading robots are available for purchase.

Scott has also been a high performance tennis coach from 1994-2018. He’s had extensive experience helping students start from scratch and move to an elite level.


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